Biographic information

Hi, my name is Rui Miguel Silva Seabra. I am a late bloomer to acting as I started my experience as an amateur actor in 2019, at a casting launched by Benjamim Falcão for the Amateur Theater Group of Benfica, and starring in late 2021 after pandemic related delays..

I’m 1.89 m tall and weight around 85 Kg, slighlty athletic posture, and in a good shape for over 45 years, which allows me to play roles from 30 something to about 50 years.

Blue eyed, and with dark blond hair with just a few whites, unlike the beard which is much whiter, for younger roles I may need to be unshaved or use hair inking.

I’m available for roles in theater plays, TV, cinema, or ads, as long as they don’t clash with my “day job”, at least not until I can become a full time actor… ;)