Humour in times of COVID

Where I played different roles in three humouristic sketches.

First presence on stage, where I played three different roles in a collection of humouristic sketches, directed by Benjamim Falcão.

A feeble-minded employee of a bookstore


A somewhat conformed, with the troubles of working at a bookstore, employee who’s mundane day with his boss is amused by the visit of a star.

A womanizer boss


Mr. Lopes only has eyes for the beautifull and well presented employees, that do little to no work at all, while the dedicated, disarrayed, and older one only has eyes for her boss.

A pimp suffering a drunk


The local pimp, whose biggest desire was to relax at the end of the night but has to suffer the bothersome presence of a drunk escapee from a mental hospital.

With complimentary artwork graciously drawn by Mafalda Roque (also acting in this show): img