There are ghosts, here!

from 14th through 30th of September, where I play one of the play's villains

Directed by Benjamim Falcão, it’s an adaptation of the play «There Are Ghosts, Here!» (1964) by Henrique Santana, and I play one of the play’s villains.

On stage at Auditório Carlos Paredes in the following dates:

  • September 14th through 16th, 21:30
  • September 17th, 16:30
  • September 21st through 23rd, 21:30
  • September 24th, 16:30
  • September 28th through 30th, 21:30

TIckets cost 6€, and reservations must be done via email to bilheteiraonline@jf-benfica.pt or by phoning to 217123000.